KE Matters Digital Celebration: 7-11 December 2020

This has been an extra-ordinary year for all of us. On all fronts we’ve had to learn new ways to continue and deliver things we’ve done for years. But with the challenges have also come successes and innovation. We’d like to celebrate those with all our members and partners in a special end of year digital event.



Over the course of a week, we are planning a mix of presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities to hear your stories of the past year, share the creative solutions and help each other find new ways of continuing Knowledge Exchange in the new year. 

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PraxisAuril is a member-led organisation, and using our profile and position, we facilitate connections between the public sector research base, stakeholders, government and industry. With the support of our network of members and volunteers we develop better ways for them to partner. The PraxisAuril annual conference reflects our goals to ‘develop, promote, connect’, where we will be bringing together the best and brightest Knowledge Exchange professionals from the UK and beyond.