Join the Praxis Auril 2020 Conference

PraxisAuril 2020 Conference

The PraxisAuril 2020 Conference will take place at The Brighton Centre on 2-4 June 2020

PraxisAuril is a member-led organisation, and using our profile and position, we facilitate connections between the public sector research base, stakeholders, government and industry. With the support of our network of members and volunteers we develop better ways for them to partner. The PraxisAuril annual conference reflects our goals to ‘develop, promote, connect’ and we will be bringing together over 450 of the best and brightest Knowledge Exchange professionals from the UK and beyond, for our 2020 conference in Brighton, UK.

The conference will incorporate a wide variety of topics representing the diversity of our community. Organised with our volunteer Conference Programme Committee of 14 Knowledge Exchange practitioners, the topics, talks and speakers will cover four main themes; Partnerships, People, Place and Practice.


Over 430 delegates attended our Annual Conference in 2019

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External Engagement


Knowledge Exchange


Global KE


Professional development


These four themes will underpin our conference aims and PraxisAuril members and the broader community will have the opportunity to submit ideas for talks through an open call for abstracts.

A call for abstracts will close on 31 January 2020

There are so many ways to get involved, from member/community led breakout talks, Knowledge Exchange Award submissions and sponsorship/exhibition opportunities. Contact us for more information or to plan your conference experience.